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date:Sunday, August 2, 2009
time:6:54 PM
title:history test l8r.
Going gaga:/ Having history NOW. Very insanely abnormally BORING. Mrs. kwan's revsing the "PEEL" and i think Mr tham didn't teach us everything. Oh wells. If i fail by any means, i should just HECK CARE. History is meaningless anw. Yet, it's gonna affect my overall grade><>

Gotta study now...
Gauri is OBESSED WITH ( fill in the blank).
:) bye (: obession.

time:7:10 AM
title:DIMWIT boys.
I figure that natalie was SO pissed off with wynona that she decided to sit at the back. Honestly, Wynona is seriously one EXTREME case of daddy's girl. Sit taxi oso got prob. Then you might as well stay at home or get daddy to tag along wherever you go?! Haiz... i GAVE up alrd. Btw, shernise and michelle are giving me a headache besides wynona's crap. WTF luh. wad's with the "squirrel-attracter"?! and "three-timer"?! That's CRAP i'm telling you!

I think shernise is the one attracted to the FREAKY RI guy. I'm telling you! You think i'm attracted to him issit?! NUN. Why doesn't anyone understand?! wtf@#!@#!!! Why does every girl i know must be attracted to guys some way or another?! I'm NOT a les. But i seroiusly KNOW that boys are sub-humans.

garh. idk why i'm wasting my time. Although boys don't get jealous as easily, gossip less and isn't BITCHY but i still think they're too a goofy, gaga and mentally challenged.

date:Friday, July 31, 2009
time:11:34 PM
title:weird weird day.
heyyo. i'm really getting bored of this. like nobody (except fer gauri joshi) i suppose, reads this blog. so pathetic. haiz. anw, i'm using this to waste time as well as to vent my anger, boredom and frustrations? I ain't really bothered.

Hockey trng today was a total disaster. I think i had sub-consciously detonate the lil' bomb in amanda. She's giving me the silent treatment now. I think it's kinda of lame. Anw, i wasn't on very good terms with her. Gauri was quiet for like the first half hour. Doesn't make sense. I tot she was OBSESSED with crapping. Apparently, she was so OBSSESED with you know who and kept on passing the ball in every direction. Well, maybe it's just me.

Worst thing that had ever happened for the day was that i was crossing the road to see the doc fer my ankle and this guy was like cycling literally OVER my foot. It's in deep shit now. Don't think i'll ever make it to hockey trng. But that doesn't bother me anymore. what i'm more concerned of is PE.

Gotta watch " The Little Blue Pinafore" l8r. Just alicia bribed the teacher to take her in. Wtf is wrong with that teacher man. Garh. Now, i'm frustrated cos idk what to wear tonite. Jeans? Or just casual wear plus a bit of formal? Haiz... Gauri's GREAT idea was to wear FBT's and some crappy shirtt 0.o

date:Thursday, July 30, 2009
time:10:00 PM
Gauri is obsessed. Word of the day: OBSESSED. Weird isn't it. We just had science just now. Mr Goh nearly poured sulphur powder onto gauri. Freaking farnie. He even asked he if she wanted to take a shower in the shower room. Hmph that'll be obscene. But funny. Lols. Can't imagine. Btw, i had the chance to light the magnesium strip. Very cool , like fireworks. Jusat that it was smellier. Ohoh., And we nearly choked. We were burning the mixture of iron fillings with sulphur. I was playing with the magnet and the iron fillings got attracted to it. It became a furry magnet.

Btw, GAURI IS OBSESSED WITH.... you know who. :P

time:6:43 AM
title:Embarrassing moment
I still can't believe what dad did today. How could he chide me in front of EVERYONE in the foyer?! Wad was worse is that he went to ask around if anyone saw me. Tessa told him i was doing extra trng. wth man. He screamt at me in the car somemore! Never in my life had i such a moment. Utterly embarrassing. I figure that he won't be picking me up for a term. that's wad he said. but. nvm. i still have grandpa.

time:6:25 AM
title:Reasonx for QUITTING hockey.
hmph. 3 big resons why I should quit hockey.

1- My swollen/loose ankle. It had not fully recovered since the 6/7 aside match. The pain is Xtreme.

2- I'm too stiff. Can't play WELL P: Coach says that i'll need abt 6 months to play better. NOT that i'm trying to make excuses but it's like i should be cherishing each moment. Doing sth better.

3- I could just do swimming in elite everyday and use that as my CCA. Btw, there are MORE swimming competitions compared to hockey tournaments. So i'll be able to accumulate more points which will be helpful for my O levels.

Anyway, it will not make a big difference in my life. It's only the O levels. At most, i'll go to a lousy sch. Wad cud be worse? Btw, I will be leaving Singapore after Sec4. All the friendships i forged in Singapore will be useless P: That's why i don't make best friends.

date:Tuesday, July 28, 2009
time:7:14 AM
title:Swollen Ankle
Crappy sheez... my ankle's still swollen. Don't think mum is gonna allow me to go for hockey trng on thurs and sat. HOW?! I've alrd missed 1 trng for this damn ankle. Doc said if i wanna let it heal fully, it's gonna take 1 month!!! But how can i spare such time? It's going to be such a BIG hindrance. weird. weird. weird. But wad happens if my ankle doesn't heal FULLY? Mum's bound to make me QUIT hockey. I really feel like quitting. Yet, i don't think i fit into other CCAs easliy. HAIZ... i heard sec2s just gotta present from ms ang!!! Thank goodness we're still in sec1~